About Source Capital

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Source Capital Funding, Inc. specializes in the underwriting and funding of commercial and residential real estate loans in California and Arizona. Our unique approach to financing with private capital allows speed and flexibility that traditional banking environments cannot provide.

Investment requirements are primarily based on equity in the property. Loans are secured by deeds of trust on real estate and are further secured by a promissory note and personal guarantee. All loans are serviced through a nationally recognized licensed, bonded and insured loan servicing company.

Source Capital consists of two business partners, Sacha Ferrandi and Patrick Hook, who have a diverse background in real estate, sales and corporate finance. Our legal counsel has 40 years of real estate experience and is an integral part of our management team. As a result, our clients have grown to rely on the skills, experience and knowledge of a professional team that understands all aspects of the real estate industry.

Source Capital works closely with brokers, borrowers and investors to ensure a secure and timely transaction. Our clients can count on Source Capital’s strong commitment to the highest standards of business ethics, underwriting due diligence and post-funding management.

Source Capital has an outstanding track record with the Better Business Bureau and has been featured in numerous publications throughout the Western United States. We have received numerous testimonials from our clients and have earned the reputation of being California and Arizona’s premier small cap lender. Our sound business principles and commitment to our clients have allowed us to build and maintain successful business relationships that last a lifetime.

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